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Highly Trained & Specialized MRO Specialists

In the aviation industry Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) is the specific repair, service or inspection of an aircraft and refers to maintenance activities that ensure safety and airworthiness. Future Metals created “MRO Distribution Services” to provide the aircraft MRO industry with a focused dynamic supply chain partner who understands and can respond to your needs.

As Future Metals recognized a growing need in the MRO marketplace for a company that can provide a wider range of products, we have evolved. What was once simply labeled as Aircraft MRO Services has now become MRO Distribution Services. With the change in name came a new philosophy to the way MRO is approached. MRO is no longer something we “Can” or “Also” do but a segment that has complete focus. We have developed a global team of highly trained professionals who understand MRO needs. With 50 years of trust and industry experience our customers know that when Future Metals is part of the equation, each piece meets exacting standards. Future Metals is AS/EN 9100D Registered.
Future Metals – MRO Distribution Services carries a broad inventory of aircraft quality metals, cabin products, flex hoses and fittings, not to mention other specialty products such as seat tracks, seat track covers, welding rod, safety wire, flight control cables. Our full range of MRO products include Extrusion/Roll Form, Sheet, Bar, Tubing and Laminated Shim Stock while our services include PVC Coating, Cut-To-Size, Specialty Packaging, and Inventory Management Programs.

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Aerospace Quality Materials

Extrusions and Roll Forms
• Manufacturers: Boeing, Airbus, ATR, Army Navy Drawing & more
• Shapes: Angle, Channel, T, Z, H Custom Available

• Stainless Steel: 302/304/304L, 316/316L, 321, 301 Annealed 301 ¼ Hard, 301 ½ Hard 301 Full Hard
• Titanium: 6-4, CP Grades 1,2,3 & 4
• Alloy: 4130
• Nickel Alloy (High Temp): 718, 625, 600, A-286, AlloyX L-605, Rene-41, X-750, 188
• Aluminum: 2000’s, 7,000’s, 6,000’s, 5,000’s

• Stainless Steel: 321, 21-6-9, 304, 316 347, 410, 17-7PH
• Titanium: 3AL-2.5V, CP, 6AL4V

• Aluminum: 6061, 5052, 2024, 7075
• Nickel Alloy (High Temp) 625, 718, 600, A286, X-750 188, L-605, Waspaloy

• Stainless Steel: 304,316,321,347,15-5PH 17-4PH, 17-7PH
• Titanium: 6-4
• Aluminum: 2,000’s, 7,000’s, 6,000’s, 5,000’s

• Nickel Alloy (High Temp): 718, 625, A-286, Alloy X L-605, Rene 41, Waspaloy
• Aluminum Nickel Bronze
• Beryllium Copper

To help complete the MRO scope of offerings, Future Metals is proud to be the sole Global Authorized Distributor for Airline Components International (ACI). We work together to provide all your cabin plastics and interior solutions. ACI’s design specialists combined with Future Metals global reach means fulfilling your cabin plastics and interior needs has never been more simple, efficient, and cost effective. ACI provides approved alternative parts for Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, ATR, Saab and many other aircraft. They are Part 21J (DOA) and 21G approved.

A partial list of ACI products include
• Seat Track Cappings
• Cable Raceways
• Rubstrips and Bumpstrips
• Attendant Seat Bumpstrips
• EEPL Raceways
• Carpet/matting Joiner Strips
• Kickstrips
• Corner Cappings
• Seat Track Infills
• Mopsil and Splashguards
• Light Lenses
• Vertical Cable Conduit

Engine MRO includes field maintenance and depot maintenance checks. Depot-level maintenance encompasses material maintenance, major repair, overhaul, or complete rebuilding of engines, parts, end items, assemblies, and subassemblies. It also includes the manufacturing of parts, technical assistance, and testing. Field-level maintenance comprises shop-type work and on-equipment maintenance activities at levels different than depot maintenance. Intermediate or shop-type work includes limited repair of commodity-oriented assemblies and end-items, job shop, bay, and production line operations as per requirement, software maintenance, and repair of subassemblies, such as fabrication or the manufacturing of repair parts, assemblies, and components.

An MRO facility is any location, workshop or hangar that engages in and conducts aircraft maintenance professionally. MRO facilities and technicians help to keep airplanes running safely and reliably. Depending on the business type, aviation MROs can be vastly different. The six most common MRO aircraft maintenance business models are Independent Repair Stations, Fixed-Base Operators, Commercial Airline Hubs, Regional Airline Facilities, Military Facilities and Corporate Facilities.

Independent Repair Stations
Independently owned repair stations are typically small and operated by employees. These smaller MRO stations usually specialize in one or two areas of expertise, like aircraft interiors or landing gear.

Fixed-Base Operators
A fixed-base operator (FBO) is usually located at large, non-commercial airports. The majority of FBOs support the local aviation community. Some offer full-service repairs for any aircraft on-station.

Commercial Airline Hubs
Major commercial airlines maintain the biggest market share of mechanics and technicians in the civilian MRO market. A commercial airline’s MRO supports the airline’s fleet and are usually located at the airline’s major hub.

Regional Airline Facilities
Regional airlines usually operate out of smaller, regional airports rather than major hubs. The regional airline-owned MRO facilities are instead scattered across an entire operating area.

Military Facilities
Military MRO facilities service a wide variety of aircraft. Military MRO aviation facilities are usually quite massive and utilize a large amount of MRO assets in order to properly and efficiently repair and inspect everything from cargo planes to helicopters.

In-House Corporate Facilities
Large corporations that own and operate their own fleet of corporate jets typically have an in-house MRO facility that is fully staffed with mechanics and operations support. This means staff is on-hand 24/7 to conduct aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft on Ground” (AOG) is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Generally, there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft back into service and prevent further delays or cancellations of the planned itinerary. Future Metals has 24 hours a day AOG response team ready to respond quickly and efficiently. We understand what it means when an Aircraft is on the ground, it means, it’s not in the air and thus, not making money. Our team is trained to act quickly when we receive a call on our AOG line…we’re trained to get the part to the user in the least amount of time possible so they can get back to work in the air. We keep a wide array of common AOG pieces in stock and with our 11 global forward stocking locations can have what you need to your location with amazing speed.